Lodge of Research hosts 2015 Prestonian Lecturer

At the meeting of the Lodge of Research No.2429, held on 25th January 2016 at Freemasons’ Hall, Leicester, the lodge welcomed the Prestonian Lecturer for 2015, W.Bro. Roger Burt, who delivered his lecture, “Masonry, Migrants and Mariners in the 19th Century”.

David Sharpe (left) and Roger Burt (right)
David Sharpe (left) and Roger Burt (right)

This lecture was a further development of his original lecture, ‘Wherever Dispersed: The Travelling Mason in the 19th Century’, showing that historical knowledge never stands still.

W.Bro. Burt based his findings on lodges in Canada and America, as well as England and Scotland, and showed how men were able to move around and benefit from Freemasonry Universal. He also showed how the less scrupulous abused the brotherly generosity. It also showed the pride that Brothers had in Masonry, and from slides showing the development of towns, the importance placed on the citing of the Masonic Hall. This talk, delivered without notes, was well received by all those present.

At the end of the lecture W.Bro. Burt was thanked by the Master, W.Bro. David Sharpe, and presented with copies of the last two editions of the lodge’s Transactions. Those present then showed their hearty appreciation for enabling everyone to make a great advancement in their Masonic Knowledge.

W.Bro. Burt has kindly agreed that the lodge can publish his paper in the next edition of the Transactions, which will be issued in October 2016.