The Lodge of Research No.2429 differs from other lodges in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland in that its main interest are in the field of historical research rather than in points of ritual. It exists to encourage Master Masons to engage in their own research and to see their work not only presented at meetings of the lodge, but also published more widely.

Over the years the Lodge of Research has become well known over the whole world for its pioneering work in the field of Masonic history. Many Provincial Grand Masters have deemed it an honour to preside over its meetings, and several of the outstanding Masonic scholars of the past hundred years have been included among its members.

While full membership of the lodge is restricted, membership of its Correspondence Circle is open to every Master Mason of good standing and members of the Circle have all the same privileges as full members except the right to vote. Normally full members have previously been members of the Correspondence Circle. The lodge meets three times a year for lectures and discussions and the annual subscription of £20 includes a copy of the printed Transactions.