Lodge of Research Transactions 2013-14 are published

This last year has been a landmark in the Lodge’s history including the Symposium held in January 2014 to mark the 200 years of the United Grand Lodge of England and the March 2014 meeeting which celebrated the consecration of the Howe and Charnwood Lodge No.1007.

The full list of papers in the Transactions are:

  • Homes for Heroes by W.Bro. Michael A. Robinson, PPJGW
  • British Army Regiments of Foot, their Postage Stamps, Heroes, and the Age of Empire by W.Bro. John Kernick, PPGSwdB (Sussex), and W.Bro. Michael A. Robinson, PPJGW

Freemasonry in Loughborough

  • The Howe and Charnwood Lodge: the First 150 Years by W.Bro. David M. Sharpe, PPGSuptWks
  • The Masonic Hall Loughborough: its Acquisition and Developmentby W.Bro.Dr. Kenneth G. Mason, PJGD
  • 150th Anniversary Addressby R.W.Bro. David V. Hagger, PGM

Symposium – 200 Years of the United Grand Lodge of England, 27th January 2014

  • Foreword by W.Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, PAGDC
  • Moderns and Antients: Setting the scene by W.Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, PAGDC
  • The Formation of the Grand Lodge of England – the Scottish Dimension by W.Bro. Bob Cooper, Curator Grand Lodge of Scotland, and W.Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, PAGDC
  • Did the 1799 Unlawful Societies Act Precipitate the Union of 1813? by W.Bro. John S. Wade, PAGDC
  • Waller Rodwell Wright–Principal Drafter of the Articles of Union by W.Bro. A. David Herbert, PPJGW
  • Cultural Dislocation at the Masonic Union by W.Bro. John Acaster, PPSGW (East Lancashire)
  • The 1814 International Compact and the Appearance and Final Definition of the Phrase ‘Pure Ancient Masonry’ by W.Bro. John Belton, PProvGSwdB (Derbyshire)
  • How the Union affected Regalia, Certificates, Tracing Boards and Jewels by W.Bro. Donald A. Peacock, PAGDC
  • Cavaliers and Roundheads: An Alternative View on the Effect of the Union of 1813 on the Development of the Orders of Freemasonry beyond the Craft by W.Bro. Richard Gan, PAGDC
  • What happened to the Royal Arch at the Union? by W.Bro. Yasha Beresiner, PGStB
  • ‘Winners or Losers?’ The Antients and the Union by V.W.Bro. John Hamill, PGSwdB, AGChan
  • Memorabilia Of The Athol Lodge And St Nicholas Lodge Prior To Their Becoming ‘Newcastle Upon Tyne Lodge No.26/24; The Problems Which Faced Those Two Lodges Prior to The Union, and How They Became Newcastle Upon Tyne Lodge No. 26/24. by W.Bro. Ian Brown, PPGReg (Northumberland)
  • Foreign Grand Lodges and the Union of 1813 by W.Bro. James W. Daniel, PSGW
  • The Cross-Currents of the Union by Professor Andrew Prescott

The Effects of the Union on Leicestershire and Rutland 

  • St John’s Lodge, No. 279 by W.Bro. John A. Landamore, PPSGD
  • The Antients Lodge, No. 47 pre-Union, subsequently Knights of Malta Lodge, No. 50. by W.Bro. Donald A Peacock PAGDC
  • The Province by W.Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, PAGDC


Obituary of W. Bro. Walter W. Glover, PPJGW by W.Bro. Canon Michael A. Wilson, PDepGChap


Copies of the papers listed are available from the Editor of Transactions and Correspondence Circle Secretary.