Lodge of Research Transactions 2015-16 are published

The annual Transactions of the Lodge of Research No.2429 which meets in Leicester have been published today.

The Lodge of Research Transactions 2015-16 have the following contents:

  • Editorial
  • List of Officers 2015- 2016
  • Portrait and Biography of the Master W. Bro. David M Sharpe, PPGSuptWks
  • Historical Note, Membership and Objectives of the Lodge
  • Lodge Meetings
  • Who was the real Solomon, King of Israel by W. Bro. David M Sharpe, PPGSuptWks
  • Wherever Dispersed (Prestonian Lecture 2015) by W. Bro. Roger Burt
  • The 10th Earl Ferrers: Time for Revision and Re-evaluation? by W. Bro. David J. Hughes, PPGStB (Sussex), PPSGD (Leicestershire and Rutland)
  • Notes on “Hele” by W. Bro. Yoshio Washizu
  • The Monastic Connection with Masonry by W. Bro. Donald A Peacock, PAGDC
  • The Byrom Collection by W. Bro. Daniel O. McKeown, PPJGW
  • A Peculiarity of the Lodge True and Faithful, No. 318, of Helston by W. Bro. Giuliano Zamboni
  • Founding of Prince Rupert Lodge, No. 7841 by W. Bro. Jonathan D. Varley, PPGSwdB
  • Three Eminent Massachusetts Freemasons who were early members of the Lodge
    of Research, No. 2429, Correspondence Circle by W. Bro. David Sharpe, PPGSuptWks, and R. W. Bro. Walter H. Hunt, Grand Historian, Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts
  • Oil On Board Picture of a Masonic Master Sitting at a Pedestal. by W. Bro. Donald A Peacock, PAGDC
  • Additional Material: Maria Bisi and Maxine Gilhuys Notarbartolo
  • The Tyler by W. Bro. Lorne Urquhart
  • Oration Given at the Dedication of The Royal Ark Mariner Banner of The Province of Leicestershire and Rutland on April 15th, 2016,at The Meeting of The Progress Lodge of Enthroned Commanders, No 1786, by W. Bro. Donald A Peacock, RAMGR, ProvGSec (Mark)
  • Sermon delivered at Royal Arch Service, 18th October, 2015 by W. Bro. Canon Michael Wilson, GChap
  • Sermon to Warwickshire Royal Arch Masons 13th March, 2016 by W. Bro. Canon Michael Wilson, GChap
  • Miscellanea
  • Jewels presented to Leicester Masonic Museum
  • Hanslip Ward Lodge, No. 3399, Tracing Boards
  • Members of the Lodge
  • Register of the Lodge

Copies of the papers listed are available from the Editor of Transactions and Correspondence Circle Secretary.

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