Correspondence Circle

Membership of the Correspondence Circle

While full membership of the lodge is restricted, membership of its Correspondence Circle is open to every Master Mason of good standing and members of the Circle have all the same privileges as full members except the right to vote. Normally full members have previously been members of the Correspondence Circle.

The lodge meets three times a year for lectures and discussions and all Correspondence Circle members will receive a copy of the Summons via email and are invited to attend lodge meetings and the Conversazione afterwards. Members will also receive a copy of the printed annual Transactions.

The annual subscription, due on the 1st November each year, is £20. For those overseas the annual subscription is £25. Members of lodges not on the register of UGLE must provide a clearance certificate from their lodge secretary.

If you have not already done so we invite you to join us. You will enjoy the atmosphere of the lodge, which does something different from the run of Degree work.

If you wish to apply for Correspondence Circle membership please complete the Application Form.


Any Correspondence Circle member whose subscription is unpaid  for one year  shall be considered for exclusion from the Correspondence Circle.

Termination of Membership

A member desirous of terminating his membership of the Correspondence Circle shall tender his resignation by email or in writing to the Correspondence Circle Secretary, or orally in open lodge. However if  he does not do so previous to the year end, he shall be considered liable to pay his annual subscription for the ensuing year.