Lodge of Research learns about the Emulation lectures

At the meeting of the Lodge of Research No.2429 at Freemasons’ Hall in Leicester on Monday 26th March 2018, the brethren attending were given a teaser on the three Degrees lectures from a paper presented by W.Bro. John Townsend.

The Emulation Lodge of Improvement has been meeting since 1823 and ‘The Lectures of the Three Degrees in Craft Masonry as demonstrated at the Emulation Lodge of Improvement’, were first published in 1974 with a green cover and is currently available via Lewis Masonic. Emulation Ritual is generally used in most of the Lodges in the Province of Leicestershire and Rutland.

The lectures form a detailed description of the ritual of the three Degrees along with their moral and symbolic significance. The presentation of the lectures are rarely heard in full as there are, in fact 7 sections to the First Lecture, 5 sections to the Second Lecture and 3 sections to the Third Lecture. Some of the text is based around a ‘question and answer’ session which can be performed by two or more Brethren.

JT 2429
W.Bro. John Townsend presents a paper on the Emulation Lectures

W.Bro. John, ably assisted by W.Bro. Paul Wallace, gave a short presentation of selected sections of the lectures aimed to whet the appetite of the brethren and encourage them to extend their researches into the hidden mysteries of the ‘Green Book’.

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