Annual Transactions are published by Lodge of Research for 2020/21

The annual Transactions of the Lodge of Research No.2429 which meets in Leicester have been published.

The Lodge of Research Transactions 2020-21 have the following contents:



List of Officers 2020 – 21


Historical Note, Membership and Objectives of the Lodge

The Place of the Province in Freemasonry by W. Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, OSM, PJGD

Masonic Meeting Places in Hinckley, 1803 to 2019 by W. Bro. Donald A. Peacock, PJGD

The Ancient Mysteries of Freemasonry by W.Bro. Henry Mallinson, PProvGStB

Allegory and Symbol by W. Bro. Frederick G. Fleeman, PProvJGW

The Holmes Temple: Construction and Symbolism, a Guide by W. Bro. David J. Hughes, PAGDC, ProvGOrator

The Great Architect of the Universes by W.Bro. Richard Barnett, ProvCO

Secrets of The Masonic Golden Globe, Cross Fob or Orb

The Significance of the Portraits in The Holmes Temple by W. Bro. David Hughes, PAGDC, ProvGOrator

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Joy of Becoming a Freemason in the Eighteenth Century by W. Bro. A. David Herbert, PPSGW

Jean Sibelius by W. Bro. Erkki Salmu

A 21st Century Response to Dwight L. Smith’s Whither are we Traveling? (Pt.2) by W. Bro. Michael S. Doxsee

Twin Columns – Lacquer Boxes – Octagonal Tabletops by Maxine Gilhuys Notarbartolo

The Kirkwall Scroll (Part One) by W. Bro. Paul Blakemore, PProvSGD

4 Field Marshal, 1st Earl Frederick S. Roberts, Soldier and Freemason by W. Bro. Michael A. Robinson, PPSGW

At Christmas 2020 by R.W. Bro. Canon Michael Wilson, PJGW, ProvGChap

Members of the Lodge

Register of the Lodge

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