Lodge of Research Transactions 2017-18 are published

The annual Transactions of the Lodge of Research No.2429 which meets in Leicester have been published.

The Lodge of Research Transactions 2017-18 have the following contents:

  • Editorial
  • List of Officers 2017 – 18
  • Portrait and Biography of the Master, W. Bro. Alfred E. Sharman, P.J.G.D
  • Historical Note, Membership and Objectives of the Lodge
  • Lodge Meetings
  • Freemasonry at Newstead Abbey (including the dramatic events leading to the formation of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Leicestershire) by W. Bro. David A. Herbert, P.P.J.G.W.
  • Early Lodges in the Province by W. Bro. Andrew R. Green, P.A.G.St.B.
  • The Provincial Grand Masters by W. Bro. David J. Hughes, Prov.G.Orator,
    and W. Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, O.S.M., P.J.G.D.
  • The Duke of Sussex and his Royal Brothers by W. Bro. A. David Herbert, P.P.J.G.W.
  • Behind the scenes – Provincial Hall Committee meetings by W. Bro. Donald A. Peacock, P.A.G.D.C.
  • Address by R. W. Bro. David V. Hagger, P.G.M.
  • What Is Freemasonry? by W. Bro. Frederick G. Fleeman, P.Prov.G.J.W.
  • The 8th Duke of Rutland: another Provincial Grand Master we might have had, or perhaps a lucky escape? by W. Bro. David J. Hughes, Prov.G.Orator
  • The First Jewish Freemason in Leicester by W. Bro. Aubrey Newman, O.S.M., P.J.G.D.
  • Extract from The History of St. John’s Lodge, No. 80, Sunderland (1965) by W. Bro. William Waples, P.P.G. Reg. (Durham)
  • The Fowke Mark Lodge, No. 19, Sesqui-centenary meeting, 3rd May, 2018 by W. Bro. Aubrey N. Newman, O.S.M.,P.G.J.D. (Craft), P.A.G.D.C (Mark)
  • Joey Dunlop, King of the Mountain, Mark Mason, (commain) and Human Benefactor by W. Bro. Michael A. Robinson, P.P.S.G.W. (Craft), P.G.J.O. (Mark)
  • Sermon delivered at Leicester Cathedral, UGLE 300th Anniversary, Trinity XX, 29th October 2017, 1 Kings 8:22-30/St. Matthew 5:1-16 by V. W. Bro. Canon Michael Wilson, G.Ch.
  • Members of the Lodge
  • Register of the Lodge

Copies of the papers listed are available from the Editor of Transactions and Correspondence Circle Secretary.


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